The ultimate naked GoPro rigs

The idea is simple:

How awesome would it be to have an agile FPV drone which is capable of filming in up to 5K, that doesn’t rip off the heads of the people we’re supposed to film when shit hits the fan? After we were blown away by the performance of the first analogue prototype, the road led to what you're looking at right now. 

An agile 3 Inch FPV Drone that comes as close to the feeling of a 5 Inch as it gets, while mitigating risks due to an AUW of down to 190 grams - And its prop guarded successor, which allows you to use your existing RED KYTE Drones Topplate Assemblies as the newest addition to the fleet.

  • Incredibly light

    At only 190 grams (450 mAh/without GPS), this quad is one of the lightest digital drones available today. With a power to weight ratio of 8:1 it doesn't have to hide from your regular 5". Don't forget it can record in up to 5.3K!

  • Incredibly HD

    You will not only be able to enjoy a crystal clear digital feed in your goggles, but also be capable of running a GoPro 11(or 9/10 as an option) at the same time.

  • Incredibly safe

    You know the stress that comes when you shoot something with a heartbeat. 5 inch quads have the power you want, ducted quads don't kill the model - but suck when it comes to performance. XDREI combines all these positive features.

Who this is for

Using a quad that only weighs a portion of what you would normally use on gigs or flying recreationally in crowded areas for example, just makes sense. You know the drill of the beloved 5 Inch FPV drones. They are incredibly fun to fly and the go to weapon of choice - until now. If you ever thought to yourself:

"Oh, the noise of this thing really seems to bother the Karens over there"

"I am really confident flying my ducted quad in this situation - but the performance kinda sucks"

then this is definitely for you. If you have never been in a situation like this, we've got you covered: It's still an awesome little flying machine and we are sure this will be a nice addon for your collection.

What's inside?

It's a Kit that contains the frame, a sensor ribbon cable PCB extension to use with your stripped GoPro and all the standoffs, screws, prints and braces you need. You will have to get your hands on everything you would normally source when buying a frame. After buying the Kit you will receive a list of recommended and most importantly tested parts that will insure you end up with the best XDREI or XZWEI version it can be.